Our own knowledge, wisdom and support in sitting to giving and receiving spiritual messages of confirmation & healing light for our own soul family members.
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 By The Sea - Guided Meditation

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PostSubject: By The Sea - Guided Meditation   Wed Jul 13, 2016 6:24 pm

Breathe deeply in and out for several times just to relax... don't alter your breathing but just simply find a comfortable place in your awareness, it could be in the forefront of your mind or in the center/back of your mind, it should be a place where you feel entirely peaceful to sit, or it could be in your sacred space as well, if you have a sacred place to go to which resonates with your energy.

Now allow me to guide you on a journey if you will allow your breathing to still steady itself in flow but still recede in and out like gentle waves lapping against the shore... as you are sitting in that sacred space, where-ever that might be, you know in your heart that you are deeply protected and guided with the aid of spirit, but there is a path leading from your sacred place.... visualize yourself stepping onto it and walking along it... as it stretches out in front of you, you take notice of your surroundings... the sun is setting... yawning as the night starts to settle in...... but your path is lit by teeny lamp lights so you know exactly where you are going... so as you move slowly but surely along this white slabbed stone path, you notice that everything around you feels quiet but not eerily quiet, quiet as in there are no birds chirruping because they've all gone to bed.... you might be lucky enough to get the glimpse of an owl as it takes flight in front of you, its flight path marking the way forward........above you the stars are glimmering and shining in their constellations... you notice the varying constellations in all of their beauty and can feel the energy of healing vibrations coming from the stars filling you with love and peacefulness... and tranquility...

and furthermore as you get to the end of the path, this path winds its way through the grassy banks and takes you down a few steps - 1- 2- 3- 4- to the edge of the jetty platform. You stand on this platform and look out across the water, it is so serene what with the moonlight casting its silvery light across the sea, bringing with it calming and cleansing but beautiful energies further in the blue waters. As you are standing there a dingy boat appears against the jetty. In it is someone waiting for you to take you on a journey. This will be one of your guides.

You may allow the boat to glide where you wish to go by simply thinking forward and forward it will go..... forward as you move on....and as in our awareness, we go forward, the boat is being carried along the flow of the silvery tide, bringing with it harmonious energies of calmness and serene feelings to quell the chaos within you.

As your boat drifts along the calm tide of the water, you begin to feel more clearer with the light of the moon casting you in the silver moonlight rays and you feel at ease within yourself and in your own skin. You go where your heart wishes you to go at this point, your guide is there to assist your journey and help you out as well as communicate with you.

When you are finished talking to your guide, guide the boat back to where you began your journey, walk back to your sacred space and return your energies to the present. Just remember to take some sips of water to reground your energies.

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By The Sea - Guided Meditation
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