Our own knowledge, wisdom and support in sitting to giving and receiving spiritual messages of confirmation & healing light for our own soul family members.
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 Website Disclaimer

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PostSubject: Website Disclaimer   Wed Jul 13, 2016 3:17 pm

This community is for people who interested in the mystical paths only and open to all of those whom are over 18.

Due to the new fraudulent act law passed in the UK in 2008 - all practice readings, teachings and energy healing are offered free of charge given by people that volunteer to help our site out their own time and energy. Nobody is obligated to work here 24/7, but we would appreciate it if you do work in other groups to respect our learning and teaching and family atmosphere that we have within our site. We would hope that all members finding our site do respect this as we are indeed a forum and a non-profit community site, which is UK based.

We are here to help you in whichever way that we can. Our Team here consists of trusted chosen soul family acquaintanceship and friendships all of whom that have stepped up to help out with our community. Any messages given in the readings and energy healing from members and staff members is never guaranteed to be correct or accurate.  Guidance and advice may be given or offered to the person that is willing to Sit. But be aware that no insightful guidance nor energy healing sessions should not be replacing any medical appointments or healthcare as approved by your doctor.

Fraudulence and cold readers will result in instant banishment simply because it is the responsibility of the reader, teacher and or healer, while in the role of a reader, teacher or healer, to set sitters mind at ease and help them rather than giving them a cold reading that will leave them in suspense or distressed over what they are going through while navigating the journey of life's challenges and hardships.

Nobody likes to be put in a position where they feel undermined and trapped due to ill will from another in a precarious position themselves due to being blindsided also from negative intention and ego. Be mindful that anybody found guilty of doing this on our site will be banished completely without further ado as this is considered unacceptable.

Spammers, trolls, inactive user accounts and also idlers will also be banished from our site and later on our chat (which is to come soon, when we have enough interest to get it up and running)  and anybody that disrupts our peaceful atmosphere in a negative way too. You can help out here in the community but please don't overstep the line and attempt to take over the site, either openly or behind closed doors....will be banned as well.

We are here to help you learn and grow into your path so that maybe one day you can help other people learn and grow into theirs in the way that sits naturally right with you.

As participating guests and visitors to our site, we are aware that you have free will and freedom of choice and it is this which helps you to decide which way is the best way forward in your life. We do look at future potential outcomes in tarot spreads... but are mindful that the future is not cast in stone.

We always strive to be true to ourselves and our paths. We suggest that no predictions are made on our site as this may indeed lead to a not so good experience for the Sitter at the time of the practice reading.

Staff reserve the right to amend this disclaimer when the need arises in the future relation to our Site.
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Website Disclaimer
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