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 Grounding the Self - The Oak Tree

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PostSubject: Grounding the Self - The Oak Tree   Wed Jul 13, 2016 1:06 pm

Grounding With Roots

Tree roots are often associated with grounding energies and establishing the connection to Mother Earth. Tree roots are secure in their energies and often provide the peaceful but grounding energy that can keep your energy focused in the now and present times, particularly while drifting or journeying in meditation. It is best to ground and protect if you are working with energy as well as it helps you look to your roots and establish a working connection with the Earth, in the way that naturally sits right with you!
Also when you hug a tree, you tend to feel re-energized to the point of where you feel completely and utterly grounded with yourself and your resonance at this stage in your path and journey.

So first of all.... take a few steps within your conscious awareness where you can find a comfortable place to relax and feel at ease within your own skin, it may be in the forefront of your mind and it may be more in the middle, where you feel drawn to sit is best as it will help you more with focusing along with this visualization exercise. Anywhere which you feel drawn to sit would be best and simply relax and go with the flow.

When you are ready, take a few moments to breathe deeply and out to relax your mind, body, and conscious mindset. Do this three more times until you start to feel the natural flow of your breathing receding like waves against the beautiful white golden sandy shore.

After you've done this a few times to relax now you are ready to focus with your inner vision. Picture if you will in your mind's eye; a beautiful white paved pathway that stretches out in front of you as far as the eye can see. Envision yourself walking along this pathway, feeling the cool stone beneath your feet. At the end of the pathway is a grassy track, leading you further along your journey. This grassy track takes you into a wild meadow, where you can feel and see the butterflies dancing across the flower heads as well as bees collecting pollen from the buds that are open.... and beyond that is the woodland, which is the direction we will be headed...the sky is filled with sunshine and you know that this lightens up your day as you see it glistening in the dew drops on the lush but fully green grass...

....just before you reach the line of trees that make up this woodland, you stop for a moment to catch your breath.... and you send a thought of positive intention that you are here to ask permission from the woodland to enter this place of sanctuary.... if you feel the answer is a distinctive yes... please proceed to enter the wood........ as you follow this path down through the trees, you notice that in the undergrowth, your animal totem guides have joined you on this journey..... to help you ground... you may be able to distinguish them from each other as they step forward to assist you further.... to your right now and in dead center is an old oak tree..... step forward and hug the tree.... lean your back against it and feel her beautiful old energy hug you back and ground your energies.....

you feel comfortable here as it is indeed your place of safety... but now its time to ground your energy, so relax against the tree and put your feet down on the ground where it feels comfortable to do so, as you do so, the tree roots slide over your feet, but you don't feel any pain or tension, they are there to help you ground your energies.... envision them as they slide deeper into the soil..... through the layers of earth until they are deeply secured within the center of earth.....relax moments further as you draw the golden energy of earth up in a beautiful column of light.... from the heart of the universe you can visualize a beautiful beam of universal light and draw it down so that it meets the golden earth center of light half way, in which you can see yourself as standing within these two columns of light finding the center of your energy.

When you are ready to return, simply follow the path back to where you started and or bring your awareness back to the present. Take a few sips of water to re-ground your energies further. Smile
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Grounding the Self - The Oak Tree
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