Our own knowledge, wisdom and support in sitting to giving and receiving spiritual messages of confirmation & healing light for our own soul family members.
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 Introducing Myself

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PostSubject: Introducing Myself   Wed Jul 13, 2016 11:15 am

Hi to all of those that have found us here at summerlandsouls.... we are a fairly new community for all those traveling on a spiritual journey, as of late. We do welcome pagans, shamans and witches as well as mystics into our site, but no egos, please... in here Smile Just be yourselves.

Introducing me - Hi I'm Stormfaerie. Stormfaerie is the nickname that sits right with me to continue this path. My path is a fairly natural blend of combining working with spirit, higher ups and good beings to work with, those that work only in the name of love and light, and good qualities of life. I see, hear and feel spirit, when i'm open. I can see auras, sometimes, and have been known to work with colours and colour healing energies as well. I LOVE to help others to the best of my ability, where I can find the time to sit and write what i know, rather than work with what I don't know Wink

I also am very empathetic and able to send out natural healing, working with the universal conscious energies of planetary healing and also crystals and crystal healing. I do have a connection with the stars as well as the ability to channel messages too. I am able to work with tools or without them if drawn to do so and prefer to consider myself to have no labels as i find if you label something it indicates you are not seeing the full goodness within and just seeing the surface of it.

This forum is a home for all venturing in, it is now open for guests & Visitors to come in and explore our site. We welcome all old ways of learning as well as the new ways of learning as well, so if you are interested in the stuff we are posting up please feel free to register and join us!

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Introducing Myself
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