Our own knowledge, wisdom and support in sitting to giving and receiving spiritual messages of confirmation & healing light for our own soul family members.
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 Site Forum: Our Foundations

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PostSubject: Site Forum: Our Foundations   Tue Jul 12, 2016 6:21 pm

Site Forum: Our Disclaimers and Sanctuary Foundations

1.  We are a non-profit society of souls that helps to post own knowledge, wisdom, imparting of answers, guidance, intuition, questions and experiences as shared on our site is offered freely for the worthy cause of helping others in the way, which they wish for us to help them.
2.  Out of their own free will and freedom of choice it is up to them to approach us first to Sit or receive messages of tactful guidance which may take form of confirmation from Spirit and the Higher Beings of Light that come forward to help mankind through the challenges of every day Life.
3. We therefore believe that ego must not be a part of the work that we are doing today, and so we do ask for anybody visiting our site that ego is not permitted to be here and present within our energies or your own energies. We suggest that you cleanse your energies regularly to be assured that you are resonating to the highest of energy vibration, to which you could possibly be resonating at.
4.Grounding and protection is indeed a must while present on our site as you never know who you might come across online or offline. This is to in place to assure your safety as much as our own safety.
5. Anybody found guilty of asserting their dominance  or egos to attempt to take over our site and or found guilty of disrespecting these guidelines as well as our members and staff with regards to openly controlling our group - without permission of the Founder-  will be banished without warning.
We are not here to allow ego to cloud our vision, but instead to stay true to our paths and continue to help other people in the way that sits naturally right with us - in the way that we do best!
6. True friendship is paramount for our site to work... with trust and true friendships we firmly feel that positive energies are able to infuse our site with loving and friendly but peaceful vibrations and that we can learn how to set aside our differences as well as work together under one roof of our home.
7. Positive Intentions: A definite must all around particularly in the working field of working with spirit and the energy healing vibrations. Make sure your heart is indeed in the right place so that you can continue your path as you are able to helping those that willingly approach you for help!
8.We accept all pathways and walks of life.... everyone is welcome here on our site, regardless of whether you are a shaman, pagan, witch, mystic, empath, healer, psychic, intuitive.... wizard... medium... we find it best not to judge a book by its cover!
9. Healing Energy: Freely offered for all that find us located here at SS.
10. Practice Readings: Please do not predict as the future is NOT etched in stone. We all of us have the will to choose our own destiny and life path. We do not do predictions of any kind on here nor do we "cold" read. We believe that if its up your street to use tools, then do so, and if not drawn to use tools then don't do so but do exactly what feels natural to you is what is definitely best for this stage in your journey!
11. We are a non-profit society that volunteer to offer our time to tune in. Please respect our foundations and guidelines as well as forums. Care for our home as you would care for your own home -- Be respectful. Don't hide your light beneath a bushel. Let it shine on and from within!

Welcome To Our Family and Our Home.
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Site Forum: Our Foundations
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